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Since version 1.6 Joomla has an Update System that allows you to update installed extensions automatically. And since January 10th 2017 supporting this system is almost mandatory for each extension.

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Monday, 25 September 2017 23:13

jBackend Release System

jBackend Release System is a jBackend module that provides all features to implement a full Joomla Update Server and/or a generic Package Distribution System based on Joomla. It works with both jBackend and jBackend Community.

It can be used to distribute free packages, and paid packages as well. For paid packages the download restrictions are based on license keys, that are automatically generated and securely distributed to licensed users, authorized thorugh Joomla user's groups. Technical documentation is available here. An article that describes how it works can be found here.


  • Configurable packages distribution folder;
  • Free and access restricted package distribution;
  • Multiple package groups (releases in the same group share the license key);
  • Multiple user groups can be enabled for each package group;
  • Multiple package releases for each package group;
  • Secret hash for each package group (increase security for generated license keys);
  • Really lite (less than 700 lines of code).


jBackend Release System


jBackend Release System is released under GPL 2.0 license.

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