Version 1.9.3:

  • Fixed REGEP BINARY query error with MySQL 8.

Version 1.9.2:

  • Fixed URLs and links for Joomla! 3.9.x.

Version 1.9.1:

  • Fixed an issue with seterror function;
  • Added support for https to custom error page of type link.

Version 1.9.0:

  • Added macros {camelcase} and {ucwords};
  • Added support for Joomla! Update System.

Version 1.8.3:

  • Fixed an issue with empty function (return value in write context);
  • Added an option to apply a rule only in case of error (sponsored by damago gmbH).

Version 1.8.2:

  • Fixed an issue with shortcut extensions.

Version 1.8.1:

  • Fixed an issue with exception handler for Joomla 3.6.0;
  • Improved error management.

Version 1.8.0:

  • Fixed an issue with exception handler;
  • Changed some code for PHP 7 compatibility.

Version 1.7.10:

  • Fixed and issue with exception handler.

Version 1.7.9 (only for J3):

  • Fixed an issue with pagination;
  • Fixed an issue with {requestvar};
  • Added macro {placeholder_insert} (only for Enterprise);
  • Added macro {placeholder_update} (only for Enterprise).

Version 1.7.8:

  • Fixed an issue with filter in search tools on errors and redirects;
  • Improved route_url() function;
  • Fixed an issue with drop_query_vars() function.

Version 1.7.7:

  • Fixed code for PHP 5.5 deprecated preg_replace /e modifier;
  • Fixed issue with {queryvar} macro;
  • Fixed issue with {substr} macro;
  • Added macro {pathfolder} (only for Enterprise).

Version 1.7.6:

  • Fixed an issue with exceptions management (call_user_func and variable passed by reference).

Version 1.7.5:

  • Added macros {urlencode} and {urldecode};
  • Improved function sanitizeURL for UTF-8 support when multibyte library is missing;
  • Added a redirect URL for each error URL;
  • Added a clean function for errors which saves errors with a redirect attached (unlike the purge function);
  • Fixed an issue with {username} and {userid} macros;
  • Added macros {rawurldecode} and {rawurlencode};
  • Added macro {str_replace};
  • Removed a wrong check on document type inside onAfterInitialise;
  • Added skip_usergroups feature to skip rules for specified groups of users (only for Enterprise);
  • Added macro {placeholder_select} (only for Enterprise).

Version 1.7.4:

  • Changed the interface to support new filters and ordering (only for J3);
  • Fixed an issue related to changes of JUri behavior (only for J3);
  • Fixed an issue of compatibility of plugin with PHP 5.2.

Version 1.7.3:

  • Fixed an issue with rule search filter;
  • Fixed an issue with errors search filter, pages 404 and referers (only for J3);
  • Fixed an issue on the custom error page (when the option is enabled but page is not selected);
  • Improved macro {routeurl} for the unwanted variables removal;
  • Improved function to manage redirect of all errors;
  • Improved interface to manage errors and referers;
  • Added new URL macros {queryappend}, {querybuildappend}, and {querydropappend};
  • Added new site macros {username}, {userid};
  • Added new string macros {lowercase}, {uppercase};
  • Added rule condition to skip redirect;
  • Added button to reset statistics (hits and last visit);
  • Fixed an issue in the package related to plugin uninstall.

Version 1.7.2:

  • Improved trim text function;
  • Improved queryfull macro;
  • Added "shortcut extensions" option to plugin;
  • Created installation package;
  • First release for Joomla 3.0.

Version 1.7.1:

  • Fixed issue with custom error page;
  • Added combobox selection for the custom error page.

Version 1.7.0:

  • Added support for placeholders and comments for redirection rules;
  • Added support for new macros for redirection rules.

Version 1.6.2:

  • Replaced TYPE=MyISAM with ENGINE=MyISAM;
  • Fixed issue with $basepath related to "/" encoded with %2F;
  • Fixed issue with creation of exclude referers list;
  • Hidden warning messages on preg_match macro (@preg_match) (only for Enterprise);
  • Hidden notice message "Notice: Undefined offset: 0:" on array_key_exists (only for Enterprise);
  • Replaced urlencode(<string>) with urlencode(utf8_encode(<string>)) (only for Enterprise);
  • Replaced urldecode(<string>) with utf8_decode(urldecode(<string>)) (only for Enterprise).

Version 1.6.0:

  • Completely rewritten for the new version of Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7;
  • The redirection rules can work on the entire URL, including protocol and domain;
  • It can be specified for each redirect rule whether or not to first decode the URL.